Look Busy was published in November 2014. Here's what some folks had to say about the book:

Jane McDermott's Look Busy serves up a series of micro-stories that exist somewhere between the whimsical and the jaded -- as though the plays of Sarah Ruhl had swallowed the stories of Lydia Davis. McDermott's prose is sharp, funny and poignant.  Most important, the writing rings with honesty and vulnerability.  As easy to read as it is difficult to classify, Look Busy packs a punch in every 100-word bite.  It's one of those rare books that gives the reader more with each encounter:  amusing and clever on the first reading, charming and poignant on the second reading, and thoroughly captivating on the third reading and beyond."

Jacob M. Appel, author of The Biology of Luck

Let’s alter that old cliché “good things come in small packages,” to read “great things come in small paragraphs.” Jane McDermott’s debut collection,‘Look Busy” is a great, great thing. Longer tomes possess none of the brilliance of these 100 word short stories. Into tiny prose packages McDermott packs humor, wisdom, smarts, beauty, drama and more to make this world seem bigger, more expansive, and full of wonderful strangeness. Time and time again, Jane McDermott catches the moment in spare and perfect prose. Her sharp eye finds what’s truly odd and interesting in life, flashes that we might otherwise blow by, drive by, completely miss. “I write about whatever comes out,” she writes in one story. Lucky us that we get to catch her imaginative run off. So set aside the supersized, the jumbo. Yes, size does matter. In Look Busy we find that small is all. These diminutive, powerful stories reveal a very big imagination and an even bigger heart.
Toni Mirosevich, author of The Takeaway Bin

Look Busy: One hundred 100-word stories by and for the easily distracted is brilliant--weird, hilarious, and altogether extraordinary. Jane McDermott packs enough humor, pain and wisdom into these short-shorts to fill a shelf full of novels. Who knew one could say so much in a hundred words? McDermott manages, time and again, to find grace in the mundane, humor in the bleak, and a highly charged brevity where others might go on and on.Even the "easily distracted" of McDermott's title will find it impossible to put this book down. It's just too good, too cool, to look away. Jane McDermott has arrived.

Chanan Tigay, Assistant Professor of Creative Writing, San Francisco State University

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Jane McDermott